Water Conservancy Industry

Product advantage

When the ecological environment is increasingly valued, hydropower, as a renewable resource, has been extensively developed and utilized, such as the construction of hydroelectric power stations. At the same time, many water conservancy gates are needed to control and manage water resources. Hengli can provide hydraulic cylinders for radial gates of hydraulic dams, hydraulic cylinders for water inlet maintenance gates and other products for gates of various water conservancy projects. According to the requirements of the project, using special materials and optimizing the structural design, these hydraulic cylinders are sufficient to resist the harsh working conditions of huge impact force. Moreover, the surface treatment technology developed specifically for the water conservancy industry improves the wear and corrosion resistance of the hydraulic cylinders and is not afraid of working in a humid environment for a long time. Power-assisted gates can operate safely, reliably, and without interference even if they are affected by extreme external conditions. This greatly reduces the maintenance and operating costs of the project.
- Hydraulic control valves for industrial use:
reliable in quality, superior in performance and with guaranteed efficiency. The valves can be customized according to customer’s requirements to meet the requirements of ordinary and special working conditions.

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