Forging Presses

Product advantage

- Forging machinery applies pressure to the metal to form or separate it. One of the salient features of metal forming technology is high acceleration and braking force. At the same time, it is also developing in the direction of energy saving, which requires a high degree of coordination of various components to provide better performance. The V30D series axial piston variable pump and the main hydraulic cylinder of the 8000-ton forging press provided by Hengli for forging machinery have superior performance and are compatible with other components to ensure more efficient and energy-saving operation on site.
- The V30D series pump has the advantages of high pressure, long life, high power density, etc. It has a simple structure, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, and can extend the service life of forging machinery. The hydraulic cylinder of the forging press with a special oriented support design can withstand the speed and impact generated by the forging press. The superior coating technology increases the wear resistance of the hydraulic cylinder.
- Hydraulic control valves for industrial use:
Reliable in quality, superior in performance and with guaranteed efficiency. The valves can be customized according to customer’s requirements to meet the requirements of ordinary and special working conditions.

Accessory component

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Proportional pressure reducing valve

DBE(E)…30 Type

Proportional pressure reducing valveDRE(E)…30 Type

Two-way and three-way high frequency response flow valves



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