Mining Truck

Product advantage

- Steering System:
The HP5V pump has mature technology and stable quality, which can well adapt to the requirements of working conditions;
- Main Pump System:
HP3V and V30G pumps adopt heavy-duty design, which can meet the requirements of harsh working conditions
- Suspension System:
A full set of hydraulic cylinder products with the front and rear suspension can be provided.
- Hydraulic control valves for industrial use:
Reliable in quality, superior in performance and with guaranteed efficiency. The valves can be customized according to customer’s requirements to meet the requirements of ordinary and special working conditions.

Accessory component

Mining truck



Rate of Flow (L/min)


Solenoid-operated reversing valves


Two-way plug-in valves


Two-way plug-in valvesL-LFA50H2-7X/FL-LC50A05D-7X422300

Two-way plug-in valvesL-LFA40G-7XL-LC40A05D-7X421800

System solution

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