Technology Capability

Lixin Hydraulics Co. has a technological center, composed of a technology research and development department, a technical process department, a laboratory and a metering and testing room. It has a technology research and development team with outstanding innovation capabilities, with more than 20 team members. The company has R & D equipment and instruments with total value of more than 20 million yuan RMB, including proportional valve test bench, general purpose test bench, constant- temperature-humidity test chamber, cylindricity measuring instrument, coordinate measuring instrument, mechanical fatigue testing machine, automatic spring tester, etc.. Adhering to rigorous and pragmatic working attitude, the company keeps constant innovation in technology and products and  has 50 valid patents at present, in which 6 patents are invention ones.

The company attaches great importance to standardization construction and has established a comprehensive standard system for technology, management and operation. The company has actively participated in formulation and revision of the national and industrial standards, including presiding over or participating in the formulation of 7 national standards and 12 industrial standards. The company has been awarded a 4A level certificate of good standardization practice issued by the National Standardization Management Committee.

In recent years, the company has continuously invested in technological upgrading and transformation, with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan, including introduction of the most internationally advanced CNC turning machines, machining centers and CNC precision grinding machines in order to ensure the accuracy of the key components of the hydraulic valves. The company has installed the advanced quality control test benches, which can automatically detect the test data and effectively guarantee the stability of the product quality. The company was awarded the certificate of "Shanghai Famous Trademark" and the title of "National Industrial Brand Cultivation Demonstration Enterprise" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

R&D capability

Through research of raw materials and optimization of product structure, the products are lightweighted and miniaturized. 

Through high integration, the product functions are modularized and intelligentized, having improved the efficiency and reduced energy consumption. 

Endeavor to develop innovative hydraulic solutions!


Manufacturing capability

DMG vertical machining center from Germany 

MAZAK turning and milling composite machining center from Japan 

MAZAK flexible machining center 

Peter Wolt ers CNC internal grinding machine from Germany 

STUDER CNC internal grinding machine from Switzerland 

STUDE CNC cylindrical grinding machine from Switzerland


Testing capability

Taylor Hobson roundness tester from UK

Hexagon coordinate measuring instrument from Sweden

Billmar test bench

Proportional valve test bench


Technical Team

We have a strong technical team. Our company has a long history and has accumulated rich technical experience in hydraulics and is relatively famous in hydraulic sector.

Dr. Cui, graduated from Zhejiang University, is deeply involved in the field of proportional valves and has developed a large number of new proportional valve products.

Mr. Ma, Manager and leader of designing team, has profound attainment in both new hydraulic valve development and hydraulic system design.

Mr. Gu, Manager and leader of manufacturing process team, has rich practical experience in component processing, ensuring the quality of the components in the whole processing route including equipment selection, process route development and tooling and fixture design. He is nominated the title of worker inventor of Shanghai and awarded “National May Day Labor Medal”.

R & D Achievements

A hydraulically balanced valve
A hydraulic-controlled flow valve
A threaded plug-in solenoid seat valve
A direct-acting servo-proportional valve
A proportional reversing valve with displacement sensor and amplifier for main valve
A manually operated emergency pump
A vibration-resistant manual valve
An oil make-up relief valve
A solenoid relief valve control cover
A new type of two-stage pressure regulating solenoid relief valve
A three-way plug-in type proportional throttle valve

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