Wind Power

Product advantage

Wind energy is a clean and pollution-free renewable energy, which contains tremendous power. Wind power generation is a very environmentally friendly and powerful wind energy utilization technology, which can convert the kinetic energy of wind into electrical energy. Currently, all the world are actively exploring and applying it.
Whether on land or offshore, Hengli can customize efficient and reliable hydraulic transmission and control solutions for customers. Hengli also is committed to help customers reduce project costs and realize the expected commercial value of each wind power project.
The pitch hydraulic cylinder for wind turbines developed by Hengli is suitable for wind turbines with a maximum single-unit capacity of 8MW. The height of this type of fan reaches 125m, and it is often installed in some special areas, such as the ocean area above 10km offshore, so the reliability of the hydraulic cylinders is very high.
Hengli has undergone several reliability tests to ensure the ultra-durable reliability of hydraulic cylinders, which have a longer service life, and help every wind power project to operate more stably.
- Hydraulic control valves for industrial use:
reliable in quality, superior in performance and with guaranteed efficiency. The valves can be customized according to customer’s requirements to meet the requirements of ordinary and special working conditions.

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